Enrollment Contract

Enrollment Contract

  • ABC Montessori seeks to provide a foundation for life-long learning which enhances personal integration and understanding of interdependence in a joyful and productive environment.

  • Provisions - ABC Montessori will provide to each family:



    ● A joyful, productive, and safe classroom environment which meets all regulations established and required by Henry County and the State of Georgia.


    ●  Every classroom will maintain a teacher-student ratio not to exceed 30 students per qualified Montessori teacher. “Qualified” is hereby defined as an individual holding a certificate from AMI, AMS, MEPI, IMC/CGS or other approved training center. In addition, each classroom shall have at least one qualified assistant who has completed both on-site and Montessori Leadership training with The International Montessori Council (preferred) or other training center as approved and accepted by the Director and interns from Global training centers which choose to study under our teachers. (See Parent/Student Handbook for details).


    ●  All teachers and staff of ABC Montessori will abide by a code of ethics reviewed with them annually. All individuals are required to demonstrate a positive attitude, good rapport with the children, and professionalism in regards to work ethic, responsibilities and appearance.


    ●  We will provide opportunities for parent education and growth in regards to the Montessori Method of education and its 100+ year history. Parent attendance at these events is expected.


    ●  That all persons within the ABC Community will abide by the policies, procedures and expectations as outlined in the Parent Handbook and the Staff Handbook, both of which are distributed annually and reviewed. This includes but is not limited to discipline, enrollment, uniforms, health & nutrition, medication, etc.


    ●  Communication on your child’s progress within the environment will be provided a minimum of twice per school term (Fall/Spring) in the form of conferences. Parents are required to attend and may request additional conferences if desired.


    ●  Provide a healthy, balanced lunch and snack for children. Requirements – Parents of enrolled students agree to:


    ●  Participate in two conferences during the school year according to times allocated on the school calendar. Additional conferences may be scheduled by either parent or teacher.


    ●  Observe their child’s classroom at least twice each year. Appointments and drop-in observations are welcome. Observations are reserved on a standing schedule each Wednesday between the hours of 8:30am and 11am.


    ●  Attend the Parent Orientation Course to be held in August and January.


    ●  You are encouraged to attend parent/teacher (PTO) Meetings. Check the website for specific dates.


    ●  Review and acknowledge the guidelines, policies and procedures which we observe in order to guarantee a healthy and happy learning environment for all of our children. In signing this agreement, you acknowledge that you have read the Handbook and agree to work within the information it contains.


    ●  Provide appropriate supplies for your child. A reasonable supply list will be provided to you at enrollment. You are asked to obtain these items for your child and keep them supplied throughout the school year.


    ●  Support our Learning Excursions programs. These provide important extensions and experiences to the child’s engagement, enrichment and growth. The frequency of field trips may increase as the students move into Elementary. Written notice of date of trip and destination will be given at least 2 weeks in advance of the trip date. Individual permission forms will be collected for any given trip that Primary and Elementary students take as they are planned during the year. Transportation for all learning excursions is provided by parent volunteers/drivers.


    ● Each family is also expected to sell 20 raffle tickets and donate $200 to this annual fundraiser.

  • Meal Plan

  • Release and Authorization to Participate in Athletics, Physical Education and School Trips

  • ABC Montessori School agrees to obtain written authorization from me before my child participates in routine transportation, field trips, special activities away from the facility, and water-related activities occurring in water that is more than two (2) feet deep.

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  • Financial Policy:

    Our financial policies are designed to be as clear and equitable as possible. Timely payments are critical to the school’s progression. Tuition payments are due to the school prior to student attendance. Payments are to be made in accordance with the terms outlined above in the contract option you have accepted. Do not deliver tuition payments to teachers. Payments are done through our Sage Payments system. Late payments are subject to a $30 late fee if not paid within 3 business days of your due date. Returned checks are charged a fee of $35. Payments may be made via cash, check (payable to ABC Montessori) or via credit/debit card through our payments system. No accounts will be carried beyond 30-days. Families will be placed on financial probation if accounts exceed 30-days. Unless a payment plan is arranged with the school within 5-days of delinquency, students will not be permitted to attend. Materials and field trip fees are not included in the tuition. Late pick-up fees are not included in the tuition.

  • Down Payment:

    At enrollment, every family is required to make a $500 down payment on their annual tuition commitment to secure their child’s placement for school year. This amount will be held by the school for the full term of your commitment. Should you exit our program prematurely, the down payment is forfeited. Should you attend the full term, you then have two choices: (A) Carry your down payment over to secure placement for the next school year, or (B) Apply the full $500 to your last tuition payment of the term commitment (May for “No Contract” families / June for “One and Three Year Contract” families).

  • Termination:

    If you or ABC should find that our school and program is not a successful match, we simply require a 30 day written notice of your intent to withdraw your child. Should a 30 day notice not be given, one month’s tuition will be due to ABC. In order to receive a withdrawal form and/or transcripts, your account must be paid in full. If you have prepaid tuition, the 30-day tuition amount will be subtracted. Families may petition the Financial Advisory Board of ABC Montessori in writing for a waiver of this penalty in cases of relocation (25+ miles) or financial hardship / life change (job loss, divorce,  etc.). The decision of the Financial Advisory Board is final. Payment arrangements may be established with the school office. Said arrangement will be in writing and signed by a parent and a school officer. The school may pursue any delinquent amounts due on the account through a designated agency or legal means. Any court costs associated with collection will be the responsibility of the client and legal proceedings must be filed within Henry County, GA, USA. This is a legally binding agreement. If you do not understand any part of this, seek competent legal advice prior to signing.


    The school reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time and without notice if the student’s classroom teacher and the Director of the School determine that the student is/will be unable to thrive in this school’s Montessori environment. Any borrowed textbooks and/or materials should be returned to the school within 3-business days of termination.
    I acknowledge it is my responsibility to keep my child's records current to reflect any significant changes as they occur, e.g., telephone numbers, work location, emergency contacts, child's physician, child's health status, infant feeding plans and immunization records, etc.

  • Financially Responsible Parent/Guardian Names